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The efficient and effective transfer and measuring of liquids is critical in mining and other heavy industry environments. Important and expensive fluids such as fuels, oils and chemicals need to be handled, monitored and measured accurately, with minimum downtime and maximum safety for operators.

Sound material dispensing practices and efficient dispensing systems can reduce fluid contamination issues which are a major cause of component breakdown and equipment downtime. (See our RMF range of products for contamination control.)


FloMAX is an industry leader in dispensing system connectors and components. As the accredited distributor in Australia, we provide a complete range of the highest-quality FloMAX products. Fluid leaks of any kind can compromise operator safety, as well as being an environmental hazard. To maximise safety and performance, FloMAX nozzles, receivers and dry break connectors are designed to be leak free.

FloMAX FlushFace fluid connectors

The patented non-interchangeable feature of FlushFace fluid connectors means each colour will only mate with its corresponding coloured receiver or nozzle. This prevents operators from dispensing incorrect fluids. The Flushface design also assists to reduce contamination ingress.

FloMAX’s patented design uses an internally sealed ball-lock mechanism to ensure trouble-free performance in the toughest conditions. The hardened stainless steel receiver nose ensures that FloMAX Flushface connectors can be operated at a higher pressure than many other dry break connectors. They can be connected or disconnected under pressure without pullback on the nozzle.

There are 12 colour choices and sizes available along with a universal evacuation nozzle.

All of the connectors have the exact same outside dimensions.

  • Operating pressure – 500psi
  • Flow rate – 180LPM to 190LPM

FloMAX FlushFace grease connector

The FloMAX FlushFace product range includes stainless steel nozzles and receivers for grease applications:

  • Connect and disconnect under pressure (5,000psi)
  • Sizes ¾” and 1”
  • Built in check valve
  • Fail safe shut off for safety.
Part number Description
FLX-FLR-G-BSPP Receiver Grease 3/4″
FLX-FLN-G-BSPP Nozzle Grease 3/4″
FLX-FLRG Receiver Grease 1″
FLX-FLNG Nozzle Grease 1″

Hose reels and stands

Poor hose management can lead to rupture of hoses, which can be caused by abrasion or kinking, or the hose being caught in machinery or passing in-house traffic. Damaged hoses lead to increased maintenance costs through repairs and machine down time. Hoses that are incorrectly stored can also be trip hazards and create a potentially unsafe work area. Bard offers custom designed hose reels, stands and systems to enable the safe and efficient management of hoses.

Hose reels

Bard reels are standard fit on Bard service truck modules. Our reels are manufactured in Australia and are robust and reliable for heavy duty operation.

Bard’s range of hose reels includes:

  • Manual,
  • Hydraulic rewind
  • Pneumatic rewind

Bard reels can be installed on mine support vehicles, stationary and moveable applications.

Contact us to discuss how Bard can deliver the right solution for your business.