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A major risk to the performance of your equipment is insufficient or ineffective filtration of lubrication or hydraulic systems. Frictional wear decreases equipment performance and can lead to costly equipment failure and production downtime.

Contaminated oil is the number one cause of equipment malfunctions in mobile and industrial applications. Oil cleanliness is crucial to equipment longevity, as clean oil prolongs the life of machinery, increases fluid service life, and reduces machine downtime for both maintenance and malfunctions.

In hydraulics, fluid is a critical component. It transmits power, and also has other functions like dissipating heat, lubricating, and sealing clearances. It is impossible to completely prevent contaminants from getting into hydraulic fluid once a system is operational, and this causes numerous problems including reduced hydraulic fluid and equipment life, component breakdown, decreased efficiency and machine downtime.

Our solution is to import and distribute the highest quality equipment from RMF Systems. As the industry leader in the field of oil fluids contamination control, RMF Systems develops, designs, produces and offers complete solutions to oil cleanliness, conditioning and monitoring. Their extensive range of equipment used in hydraulic applications in practically every industry, all around the world.

RMF filtration systems

RMF filtration systems cleanse your hydraulic or lubrication systems, helping to reduce wear and tear and extend equipment life. The advanced filtration and monitoring systems prevent and remove all kinds of contamination, whether it be particle, water or air borne. They are capable of removing contaminants to 0.5 micron, as well as removing water from oil. RMF desiccant breathers (air breathers) prevent airborne contaminants and moisture from entering the tank and contaminating the system.

Using RMF filtration systems can reduce your costs and increase profits by helping to improve oil cleanliness by more than 80%. The result is fewer breakdowns, less downtime, longer oil life and ultimately, substantial savings.


  • Extremely clean oil due to high filtration efficiency
  • Prevention of channel forming by radial filtration direction
  • Large dirt and water holding capacity
  • Compact and easy-maintenance design
  • Environmentally friendly elements available
  • Longer usage life for oil and components
  • Reduces cost of ownership.

RMF systems filters

RMF Systems filters are applied in by-pass or off-line configurations. They constantly clean the oil from the reservoir, providing protection for expensive main stream filters. The cleaner the oil that reaches the main stream filter, the longer the usage life of this expensive filter. The main stream filter then acts primarily as an emergency filter.

RMF by-pass filter units can be fitted to every mobile application where hydraulic and/or transmission systems are present. Installation is simple. The filter housing provides mounting slots on all four sides and the pressure and return connections are on the side and the back of the by-pass unit. Applications include: excavators, wheel loaders, forestry machines, asphalt machines, concrete pumps, aviation ground support equipment and agricultural machines.

RMF dessicant breathers

For optimal performance of your equipment, hydraulic and lubricating oils should be kept free from contamination by water and solids. However, most fluid reservoirs must breathe to function, allowing water vapour and solid contaminants to enter. Temperature fluctuations in the reservoir will cause this water vapour to condense which will not only cause oxidation of the oil, but can also lead to considerable mechanical damage. Air contamination can be prevented in multiple ways; one of them is the use of desiccant breathers.

The desiccant material (gel) in today’s breathers was developed by RMF who set the international standard for this product. RMF breathers deal effectively with both particle and water contamination in a single process. The air is dried by passage through a column packed with ZR gel granules. The dried air is subsequently filtered with the use of replaceable spin on a pleated synthetic fibre filter element that removes solid particles (down to 3μ). This process prevents contamination and oxidation of the oil and components.

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is an essential part of a healthy hydraulic or lubrication system. As a proactive machine health monitoring service it can find symptoms of potential failures before they occur.

RMF Systems’ Condition Monitoring Center (CMC)

RMF’s Condition Monitoring Centre provides reliable feedback on solid particle contamination, water levels (%RH), oil temperature and degradation. Using only high quality components and proven optical technology and algorithms, the RMF CMC is the most accurate, consistent and advanced diagnostic monitoring centre. Its modular design and versatility make it the best CMC for hydraulic and lubrication fluids, meeting the requirements of the world’s most demanding industries.

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