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Thorough management of component lubrication is essential in mining and other heavy machinery environments. Environmental challenges can include extreme temperatures, high dust levels, 24/7 workloads, water ingress and contaminant issues.

Selecting the correct type of lubricant and ensuring timely and efficient delivery is crucial to the function and longevity of machinery. Inadequate lubrication causes equipment inefficiency and failure resulting not only in costly repairs, but also in unwelcome production standstill and downtime. Having quality lubrication systems in place can be the solution to these common challenges.

Our lubrication systems can be tailored to your requirements. We provide single-line and progressive lubrication systems on mining and construction equipment.

We also supply and service components, repair and refurbish pre-existing systems parts and provide complete site commissioning. The componentry we use is sourced only from reputable industry suppliers so you can have complete confidence in the quality and efficiency of our lubrication products and systems.

Bushranger grease pumps

Proudly Australian manufactured and produced by Bard, the Bushranger grease pumps are designed and developed for heavy-duty high-cycle applications.

The robust and reliable Bard Bushranger II grease pumps are installed on numerous hydraulic excavators and shovels throughout Australia and in several countries internationally.

We supply the Bushranger II both in single and dual kits with conversion mounts to suit existing installations.

Part NumberLeg Length
BR-307010 (DR150-H)N/A
Actuator only – adaptable to other makes of pump legs
BR-307011 (DR150-H-20)480cm
BR-307012 (DR150-H-60)699cm
BR-307013 (DR150-H-150)862cm

Key features:

  • Higher grease output
  • Larger diameter pump tube
  • Suits almost all existing canister mounting holes
  • Easier assembly and disassembly
  • Reliable and robust to handle heavy applications and duty cycle rates
  • Infinite variable cycle rates from 0 to 60 cycles per minute
  • Tube length conversions are simple and quick
  • Larger flow paths for improved grease transfer.

Grease pump stations and canisters

We design, manufacture and commission grease pump stations in-house – pneumatic, hydraulic or DC electric.

Bard’s range of Australian-manufactured certified grease canisters suit most applications. We also manufacture complete operational components. All Bard canisters are designed to AS1210 & AS4343 Hazard level E and are pressure tested prior to powder coating. New designs for specialised applications are available.

Standard capacities: 15, 25, 60, 90, 200, 300, 350, 680 kg.

Grease systems

We install, upgrade and refurbish grease systems to suit new and existing equipment.

Contact us to discuss how Bard can deliver the right solution for your business.