Bard Engineering Group


Our experienced and innovative team can provide tailored solutions to your most complex engineering, hydraulic, lubrication, fluid dispensing challenges.

Operating conditions place heavy demands on equipment. Operators are continually challenged to improve productivity and efficiency while also reducing costs. When it comes to equipment or parts failure through fluid contamination, lack of lubrication, or other fluid management issues, prevention is much better than remediation.

Our proactive approach to fluid management allows you to optimise the resources of your plant and equipment, reducing machinery downtime and related costs. We can assist during the design or upgrade stage of your project to develop long-term, cost-effective solutions that help you meet high standards of fluid cleanliness, dispensing and filtration.

Field and Site Services

Our dedicated field service teams, located in North Queensland and Hunter Valley, New South Wales, provide 24-hour support.

You can access routine maintenance inspections and full audits on all makes of mobile service trucks, water trucks, fixed and moveable fuel plants, workshop reel bays, filtration, and other fixed plant infrastructure. These inspections are instrumental in identifying existing and potential problems. We can then propose engineered solutions to ensure your systems work optimally, with safety and efficiency.

Our Hunter Valley, North Queensland, Brisbane and Perth facilities have grease pump testing units for repair of all grease pump makes and brands. Whether new, repaired or refurbished, all grease pumps are fully tested prior to dispatch and are monitored and tracked.

In addition, we provide onsite calibration for fluid and diesel fuel systems, and perform scheduled onsite maintenance.

Wash Pads

In addition to manufacturing quality water trucks we also supply and support wash pad installation and wash bay systems from inception to commissioning. Our systems use both Akron and MEGA monitor and spray options to best suit your specifications and requirements.

For water tank/module refurbishment, rebuilds, upgrades and spray system retrofits, contact us.


Our repair services include:

  • On site repairs, installations and maintenance programs
  • Hydraulic system repairs and site fitting
  • Site filtration system repairs
  • Grease system and lubrication repairs
  • Repair and refurbishment of all makes of grease pumps
  • Service exchange Bushranger grease pumps
  • Fuel nozzle repairs
  • Diaphragm pump repairs
  • Emergency repairs and breakdown response
  • Grease canisters and components repairs and refurbishment

We offer testing and repair of all grease pumps, grease canisters and components. Our workshops are fully equipped with the latest grease pump testing facility which provides diagnostics, tracking and reporting for all grease pump makes and brands.

Contact us to discuss how Bard can deliver the right solution for your business.