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Bard Engineering Group Pty Ltd

Custom Engineering & bespoke design.

Manufacturing Is What We Do

Bard Engineering is a recognized leader for the design & manufacturing of fluid dispensing & lubrication systems.

Bard Grease Pump Station

Whether traversing on or off road, be it heavy-duty or light weight vehicles, we also design & produce client-specific service modules for all makes of vehicles.

We meticulously design & install your specific module utilising top-tier, durable products for your operational piece of mind. Our service module designs prioritize accessibility through open-plan installations, facilitating easier maintenance access.


Safety takes precedence in our designs, & every Bard service module undergoes certification for axel loads & stability ensuring seamless integration with each prime mover.

Service Modules
Water Module

Our water tanks are fully manufactured in-house to Australian standards & fitted with MEGA water spray systems. Tank capacity ranges from 19,000 litres to 196,000 litres.

Bard is the licensed manufacturer & authorised dealer for the MEGA watercarts & products in Australia. The MEGA Digital Spray Control System (DiSCS) uses the latest technology for precise water spraying for dust suppression on surface applications.


The DiSCS system is designed for both manual & GPS options offering the best solution for the application.

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Bard’s range of Australian-manufactured certified grease canisters suit most applications. We also manufacture complete operational components. All Bard canisters are designed to AS1210 & AS4343 Hazard level E & are pressure tested prior to powder coating.

We are leaders in installing & servicing automatic lubrication systems on mining & construction equipment. Our expert team provides the best advice & products when it comes to high-quality oils & greases, contamination & systems. We also provide our customers with support through equipment servicing to keep production going.

Bard Team - Brisbane

Who We Are

About Our Company

Our expertise in design & custom solutions for service truck & water truck modules is well known & sets us apart from our competition. The complete water tank modules we manufacture incorporate the latest technology MEGA spray system. This state-of-the-art system offers precise water spraying for dust suppression on surface applications, promoting water conservation & operator safety.


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In Partnership with

Mount Gibson Iron
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AECI Australia

Head Office in Archerfield, Brisbane

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