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Desiccant breather filtration is a technology designed to protect equipment & machinery from contaminants, especially moisture & particles, by incorporating a desiccant material into the breather system. The primary purpose of a desiccant breather is to maintain the cleanliness & dryness of the air that enters & exits equipment during various operational phases.


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KL / KLR Series Breathes
RMF KL/KLR Series Breathers

RMF KL / KLR Series Breathers

The KL Series desiccant breathers are well suited for vibration & harsh environments, while also providing serviceability & high dirt hold capacity.


The KLR series have check valves built in to the filter housing so the air can move both ways throughout the breather. 

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TBD Series Breathers

RMF TDB Series Breathers

The TBD Series is equipped to function in the harshest environments. It is fully serviceable, provides high dirt holding capacity, & includes an integrated anti-splash device to prevent oil from reaching the desiccant.

RMF TBD Series Breathers
RMF Systems by Descase
ACM / ACL Series Breathers
ACL / ACM Breathers

RMF ACM / ACL Series Breathers

The ACM / ACL Series is suitable for mobile & industrial applications because of its lightweight, rugged body.


This series is fully serviceable & offers a high dirt holding capacity.

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Oil Demisters

RMF Oil Demisters

The RMF Systems Oil- Demisters are specially designed to prevent oil mist or fluid migration through air vents.


The RMF Demister consists of an Aluminium body with external cooling ribs & can be fitted below the air conditioner or air filter.

Oil demister
RMF Systems by Descase
Filter Minder
Filter Minder

RMF Filter Minder

To monitor the state of the air filter, RMF Systems offers a Filter Minder (Vacuum switch). The Filter Minder is a combination graduated indicator & switch (N/O), a yellow indicator moves up in the window & locks at the highest air filter restriction.


When it reaches the red zone, or highest recommended restriction, it closes a contact & can send a signal to the filter warning light. The locked position at the highest restriction must be reset manually. The Filter Minder can be fitted to a variety of the RMF Mounting or Adaptor Plates.

RMF Systems by Descase
ZR - Gel Refills

RMF ZR-Gel Refills

RMF Systems offer a wide range of ZR-Gel refills, from bulk 25Kg refill bags, refills for the ACM/ACL series, refills for KL series & gel refills from between 300 cc to 2000 cc depending on your needs. 

RMF Gel Refills
RMF Systems by Descase
Hydraulic Offline Filtration Units
Hydraulic Offline Filtration Units

RMF Hydraulic Offline Filtration Units

The hydraulic market accepts that 80% of mechanical failures are caused by oil contamination in the system.


The off-line oil filtration system attacks contamination of your equipment at the source.


In addition to solid particles, this kidney loop system is also capable of removing water from the oil.

RMF Systems by Descase
Donaldson Filters

Donaldson Filters

For over 100 years, Donaldson has been solving customers' complex filtration needs. Today they are one of the largest providers of unique filtration technologies & high-quality filters & parts.

Donaldson delivers increased engine & equipment protection, extended service intervals, reduced downtime & increased operating efficiency.


It all adds up to maximizing your uptime across your entire operation with filtration solutions from Donaldson.

Donaldson Filters
Donaldson Filtration
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