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Dispensing Systems

With over 30 years of industry experience, Bard Engineering's Dispensing Systems come in varying forms to provide customised solutions for a wide range of fluid applications. 

Dispensing Cabinet

Innovative thinking

Bard is a leader in its field, & with our innovative products you could be too

Local manufacturing

We take care of everything in house, from design to commissioning & installations


Choose from existing designs or enquire about bespoke designs.

Technical Support

Call us or reach out to us for any & all technical support

Dispensing Stations
Dispensing Stations

We offer an extensive array of service centres for equipment. Our pre-existing designs cater to a variety of machines, such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, & Hitachi, encompassing trucks, excavators, dozers, & graders.


Additionally, customized stations can be crafted to meet your specific requirements.

Hose Reels

Inadequate hose handling may result in the rupture of hoses, a consequence of factors such as abrasion, kinking, or entanglement in machinery or pedestrian traffic within the facility.

The repercussions of damaged hoses include escalated maintenance expenses for repairs & extended machinery downtime.


Improperly stored hoses can pose tripping hazards & contribute to an unsafe working environment.

Hose Reels
Dispensing Pumps

Discover the power of precision with cutting-edge dispensing pumps. Engineered for efficiency & reliability, these pumps seamlessly transfer a variety of fluids, from waste oil & grease to coolant, diesel, & water.


Revolutionize your fluid management processes with technology that ensures accurate dispensing, reducing waste & maximizing productivity.


Whether you're in automotive, industrial, mining or any fluid-intensive industry, our range of dispensing pumps redefine fluid transfer, making it smoother, cleaner, & more efficient. Upgrade your operations with the next level of fluid handling precision.

Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Flow meters provide real-time visibility into flow rates & pressures. We offer several variations of flow meters, contact us & explore the solutions we can offer.


Contaminated oil is the Number 1 source of malfunctions in mobile & industrial  applications. 

Clean oil prolongs the service life of equipment & fluids, increases machine uptime, & reduces maintenance cost – which in turn results in increases profits.

Donaldson Filtration Solutions
RMF Systems by Descase
Flomax Dry Break Couplings

Increased safety due to no fuel spills. Flomax nozzles do not leak so your workforce is safer from the hazards of spilled fuel & fluids such as fire, slipping, chemical hazards etc.


Lower environmental cleanup costs due to NO spills or leakage, NO clean-up, NO government environmental fines or penalties, NO additional labor due to clean up costs.

Flomax International
Flomax Dry Break Coupling
Control Systems
Control Systems

Control Systems

Bard features its proprietary control system seamlessly integrated with our Service Modules enabling proportional control over pressure, flow rates, & hose reel rewinds.

Through electronic programming capabilities, we minimize technician exposure to high-pressure fluids.

Our control system incorporates active adaptive flow rate regulations, ensuring that the programmed flow rate & pressure are consistently maintained with precision on every occasion.

Dispensing Components

Dispensing systems play a crucial role in ensuring machine reliability. We offer a range of components & solutions tailored to meet the needs of your equipment. Reach out to us today for inquiries regarding spare parts.

Dispensing Components
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