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Automatic Lubrication Systems

Lubrication is essential for machine reliability, improper lubrication can lead to increased downtime, higher costs & risking the longevity of your equipment. We here at Bard offer automatic lubrication systems that provide accurate & timely distribution of lubricants to the precise lubrication points.

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Innovative thinking

Bard is a leader in its field, & with our innovative products you could be too

Local manufacturing

We take care of everything in house, from design to commissioning & installations


Choose from existing designs or enquire about bespoke designs

Technical Support

Call us or reach out to us for any & all technical support

Grease Auto FillShut Of Systems

Bard quality Auto Fill Shut Off Systems automatically shut off lubricant flow eliminating the need to monitor the reservoir level during refilling.


Completely fill tanks & reservoir every time while avoiding costly wastage & spills. 

Grease Montoring System

The Bard GMS enables comprehensive control & monitoring of your automatic lubrication system directly from the operator's seat.


Leveraging available data & our built-in algorithm, the control system pre determines the cause of failure & presents it on the screen for the operator.

Grease Canisters
36 Litre Canister

Our Bard range of Australian manufactured certified grease canisters suit most all applications. 

All Bard canisters have been certified & are designed to AS1210 & AS4343, hazard level E.


Bard grease canisters can be fitted with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric systems to suit customers requirements.

Pump Station

Bard Dual Grease Pump Stations have been designed specifically for use on the Hitachi Hydraulic Excavators:
EX1200-6 (100L)
EX2600-6 (300L)
EX3600-6 (350L) & EX3600-7 (518L)
EX5600-6 (680L) & EX5600-7 (673L)

Bard Bushranger Grease Pumps are standard on all Bard designed & produced Hydraulic Excavator Pump Stations. 

New Pump Station
Grease Pumps
Grease Pumps

Grease lubrication pumps are used to distribute grease to moving parts within machinery & equipment.


Grease is a semi-solid lubricant composed of a base oil, thickening agents, & additives.


It is applied to components such as bearings, gears, & joints to reduce friction, wear, & heat.

Lubricatin Components

Lubrication Components

Lubrication is critical in machine reliability, we have multiple components & solutions for your equipment's needs.


Contact us today for spare part enquires. 

Injector Sleeves
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Leaders in Automatic Lubrication Systems

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