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Grease Canisters

We handle the entire process of designing, manufacturing, & commissioning grease canisters in-house. Our canisters are customizable to accommodate pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric systems.


Innovative thinking

We have created innovative lubrication monitoring systems that will help lower downtimes 

Local manufacturing

We take care of everything in house, from design to commissioning & installations


Choose from existing designs or enquire about bespoke designs

Technical Support

Call us or reach out to us for any & all technical support

Bare Grease Canister
15 Litre Canister

We offer a range of products, from "bare" grease canisters to fully assembled units. Depending on our customers' preferences, Bard can manufacture grease pumps compatible with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric systems.


Additionally, Bard excels in designing comprehensive grease systems, taking projects from the initial drawing board to delivering a certified end product.

Grease Canisters
  • Our Bard range includes Australian-manufactured certified grease canisters suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • All Bard canisters are certified & adhere to AS1210 & AS4343 standards, specifically designed for hazard level E.

  • Prior to powder coating, all Bard grease canisters undergo pressure testing.

  • For specialized applications, new designs are continuously developed.

  • Standard canister capacities range from 15Kg to over 600Kg.

  • We specialize in designing, manufacturing, & supplying to OEMs & end-users, tailoring products to meet specific requirements.

  • Bard grease canisters find applications in Mining & Construction mobile equipment such as Haul Trucks, Service Trucks, Water Trucks, Articulated Dump Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders, Bull Dozers, & Wheel Dozers, as well as Blast Hole Drills & even in Civil Construction.

36 Litre Canister
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