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Service Modules

We offer a comprehensive range of service module options for all makes & brands of rigid on & off road & articulated vehicles.

Service Modules

Innovative thinking

Our Service Modules come with Bards innovative Control System

Local manufacturing

We take care of everything in house, from design to commissioning & installations


Choose from existing designs or enquire about bespoke designs

Technical Support

Call us or reach out to us for any & all technical support



With dedicated welding bays, trade qualified fabrication & mechanical fitters our Service Modules are put together from scratch by our highly experienced teams.

Shot Blasting & Paiting

Shot Blasting & Painting

With a dedicated shot blasting facility & painting bay by trade qualified staff, we are able to shot blast & paint our modules ourselves to make sure it's up to Bard's high standards.

Shot Blasting & Painting
Installation & Fit-out
Installation & Fitout

Installation & Fit out

Following the completion of the outer shell painting, the fitting-out process commences, incorporating cabinets, hose reels, motors, pumps, & our crucial Bard Control System.


This system aids users with pump changeovers, issues warning messages, provides flow rate information, & offers various other functionalities.

Bard Cotrol System

Bard Control System

Bard features its proprietary control system seamlessly integrated with our Service Modules, enabling proportional control over pressure, flow rates, & hose reel rewinds.

Through electronic programming capabilities, we minimize technician exposure to high-pressure fluids.

Our control system incorporates active adaptive flow rate regulations, ensuring that the programmed flow rate & pressure are consistently maintained with precision on every occasion.

Bard Control System
Bard Control System Remote Assistance
Bard Control System Remote Assistance

Bard Control System Remote Assistance

The control systems fitted to our equipment include secure remote access capability as a standard feature. This allows us to:

  • Monitor machine data in real-time & retrieve historical data logs – this leads to efficient fault troubleshooting without having to travel to site

  • Perform remote program updates

  • Make adjustments to settings in an existing program

Customers can also access a subset of the machine information (measurements, logs & settings) via an app on their smartphone over Bluetooth. A Bluetooth dongle is installed as a standard feature of our control systems for this purpose.

We are currently developing our own telemetry unit to streamline remote access & make it easier for our customers to view machine data, download logs & be notified of faults over their site-specific networks. Planned release date is mid-2024.

Service Module Manuals

Documentation & Product Manuals

Discover the excellence of our Service Modules with our comprehensive manuals. These guides are meticulously crafted to provide detailed insights into the installation, operation, & maintenance of our modules.


Whether you are setting up a new system or conducting routine checks, our manuals serve as invaluable companions, offering step-by-step instructions, technical specifications, & helpful tips.


Enhance your Service Module experience with the knowledge & guidance found in our user-friendly manuals, ensuring optimal performance & longevity for your equipment.

Manuals & Documentation
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Enhance Equipment Productivity

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