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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Our experienced & innovative team can provide tailored solutions to your most complex engineering, hydraulic, lubrication, & fluid dispensing challenges.

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Field & Site Services
Field & Site Services

Field & Site Services

Our dedicated field service teams, located in North Queensland, South East Queensland, Perth & Hunter Valley, provide continuous support.

You can access routine maintenance inspections & full audits on all makes of mobile service trucks, water trucks, fixed & moveable fuel plants, workshop reel bays, filtration, & other fixed plant infrastructure. These inspections are instrumental in identifying existing & potential problems. We can then propose engineered solutions to ensure your systems work optimally, with safety & efficiency.

In addition, we provide onsite calibration for fluid & diesel fuel systems, & perform scheduled onsite maintenance.

Pump Repair & Services

Pump Repairs & Services

All grease pumps (whether service-exchanged, new or repaired) are fully tested & warranted. With our fully automated hydraulic grease pump test equipment, Bard ensures that all grease pumps are stringently tested.


Our testing includes simulating the elevated working temperatures experienced on mining equipment, complete data logging & tracking, detailed test & QA reports. As the manufacturer, Bard Engineering is the most qualified & trusted repairer of your Bushranger grease pumps as only original parts are fitted &/or replaced ensuring pump integrity & service life longevity.


With our expertise with grease pumps & systems we also repair & refurbish most makes & brands of grease pumps & actuators that are available on the market. We provide the same attention & care to other makes as our Bushranger Grease Pumps & Bushranger Actuators.

Pump Repair
Special Projects
Special Projects

Special Projects

Apart from manufacturing high-quality Service & Water Modules, we also specialize in the production of various equipment, including AN Bulk Bins, Wash Bays, Evac Trailers, Dispensing Pods, Melt Tanks, Diesel & Grease Skids, & Hose Reel Stands.


Our dedication goes beyond manufacturing. We offer complete services for the installation, commissioning, & ongoing support for all our projects – both during & after completion.

General Repairs

General Repairs

  • On site repairs, installations & maintenance programs

  • Hydraulic system repairs & site fitting

  • Site filtration system repairs

  • Grease system & lubrication repairs

  • Repair & refurbishment of all makes of grease pumps

  • Service exchange Bushranger grease pumps

  • Fuel nozzle repairs

  • Diaphragm pump repairs

  • Emergency repairs & breakdown response

  • Grease canisters & components repairs & refurbishment

We offer testing & repair of all grease pumps, grease canisters & components. Our workshops are fully equipped with the latest grease pump testing facility which provides diagnostics, tracking & reporting for all grease pump makes & brands.

General Repairs
Enineering & Design
Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Bard has a strong engineering foundation with a dedicated team of mechanical engineers with sound knowledge & disciplines specializing in the design of Bard products & systems.


Adding to our expertise, our engineering team includes mechatronics engineers focusing on the continued development & design of Bard systems & products.


Our team of engineering draftspersons provide full support converting our designs into detail & cataloguing. Continuous Improvement is a key goal of Bard with the objectives of increasing & improving Bard systems & products efficiency & quality.

Service & Water Modul Refurbishment

Service & Water Module Refurbishment

Bard can offer full refurbishment services to any existing Water Modules or Service Modules. Overhauling your used Water & Services Modules can be a cost effective alternative.  


Site audits are performed to ascertain the scope of repair or refurbishment needed on a case by case basis. All requested modifications & module upgrades including fabrication, shot-blasting, paint & fit outs are done in house to ensure the highest level quality is controlled throughout the entire process.

Bard repairs & refurbishes all makes of Service & Water Modules at our Brisbane, Mackay, Hunter Valley & Perth facilities.

Service & Water module Refurbishment
Installations & Commissioning
Installation & Commissioning

Installations & Commissioning

Upon completion & delivery of our Bard systems to site, commissioning of the modules or Bard systems begins. Subsequently, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure that the systems function correctly & meet the required performance standards, with commissioning results recorded for verification.

Bard provides on-site familiarization training for our Service & Water Modules as well as Bard Systems. Following the training, each participant receives a competency certificate of completion.

Typically, the standard familiarization training lasts for two days, although the duration may vary depending on the customer's needs & the number of delegates involved.

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