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Grease Pumps

Grease lubrication pumps play a vital role in machinery maintenance by delivering lubricating grease to critical components. They come in various types and configurations to suit different applications, from automotive to mining machinery, contributing to the overall efficiency & longevity of equipment.

Grease Pumps

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Grease Pumps
Grease Pump Repair

By utilizing automatic oil & grease pumps for on-vehicle & heavy equipment, you can minimize unexpected downtime & lower maintenance expenses.


Moreover, automated lubrication systems ensure a steady application of lubrication at more regular intervals compared to manual methods.


It's essential to note that inadequate lubrication may result in heat & wear, whereas excessive lubrication can cause drag, heat, wear, & potential damage to seals.

Bushranger Grease Pump

The Bushranger Series II Grease Pump evolved from our proven Bushranger Series I Grease Pump, & was designed from the outset to withstand the harsh environments found on heavy mobile equipment.

The Bushranger Series II has been designed with increased serviceability in mind for the user, including the removal of the electrics to have full hydraulic changeover.

Bard Engineering Group Pty Ltd
Bard Bushranger Series II
Dyna-Star Grease Pumps
Dyna-Star Grease Pump

Graco’s Dyna-Star® Series pumps provide reliable oil or grease bulk fluid transfer or automatic lubrication in a broad range of applications. This family of reliable & durable Graco pumps are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric configurations.

  • Choose a reliable Dyna-Star pump with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic power – multiple variations of each.

  • Built with long lasting high quality components.

  • Increase your productivity with automatic lubrication.

  • High efficiency motors use less hydraulic oil (hydraulic configuration).

  • Reduce unplanned downtime & maintenance costs.

Lincoln Grease Pumps

Effective lubrication is essential for machine reliability, as improper lubrication can lead to increased downtime, higher expenses, & a rise in safety incidents, which is why SKF Lincoln automatic lubrication systems provide accurate & timely delivery of lubricants to lubrication points.

Our Bard Grease Pump Actuator can be used with Lincoln Pump Tubes, contact us for more information.

SKF LLSD JSG Industrial Systems
Lincoln P2 Grease Pump
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