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Bushranger Grease Pumps

Manufactured & produced here in Australia, our Bushranger Grease Pumps are renowned for their robust reliability & are installed on numerous types of equipment throughout Australia & several overseas countries. 

Bushranger in Pump Station

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Bushranger Series II
Pump Station

Bushranger Series II

The Bushranger Series II has been re-designed with increased serviceability in mind for the user, as well as the removal of the electrics to have full hydraulic changeover.


The primary sources of energy for the operation, is a hydraulic oil supply from the mobile mining equipment to which the pump is installed.


A 3/2 hydraulic solenoid valve is required for stop/start of the unit.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Higher grease output

  • Larger diameter pump tube with larger flow paths for improved grease transfer

  • Suits almost all existing canister mounting holes

  • Easier to replace wearing parts

  • Reliable & robust to handle heavy applications & duty cycle rates

  • Variable cycle rates up to 60 cycles per minute

  • Tube length conversions are simple & quick

Bushranger Series II
Bushranger History
Grease Pumps

The Bushranger Series II Grease Pump evolved from our proven Bushranger Series I Grease Pump, & was designed from the outset to withstand the harsh environments found on heavy mobile equipment.

The Bushranger Series II has been designed with increased serviceability in mind for the user, including the removal of the electrics to have full hydraulic changeover.

The Series II Bushranger’s modular design utilizes shared components throughout its range to accommodate a variety of canister sizes & operation types.

The Actuator Cylinder body can be incorporated with one of three Pump Tube sizes without variation of the design to provide consistent reliability & performance.

Bushranger Features

Hydraulic Changeover:

Pump Tube Length:

Nom. Capacity:







20 Kg

60 Kg

180 Kg

Electric Changeover:

Pump Tube Length:

Nom. Canister Capacity:







20 Kg

60 Kg

180 Kg

Bushranger Series II
Bushranger Actuator


Maximum Input Oil Consumption Rate:

Flow Control Setting (Hyd. Changeover Models):

Cycle Rate (Hydraulic Changer Models:

Cycle Rate (Electric Changeover Models):


Minimum Operational Input Oil Pressure to Port P1:

Maximum Operational Input Oil Pressure to Port P1:

Maximum Oil Pressure at Port T:

Maximum Oil Temperature: 

Grease Output Pressure:

External Ambient Operating Temperature:

Maximum Pressure Reducing Valve Setting:

6 LPM (2.41 US GPM)   

Factory Set: 2.5 turns from closed

Factory Set: 22 cycles / minute 

Variable: 0 - 60 cycles / minute

Factory Set: 30 cycles / minute

Variable: 0 - 60 cycles / minute


38 bar (550 psi)

207 bar (3,000 psi)

7 bar (100 psi)

90 C

345 bar (5,000 psi)

-10 C to +60 C

44.8 bar (650 psi)

Pump Connections

Pump Tube

Output per cycle:

21.3cc (1.3cu") - Theoretical 

Hydraulic Connections

Hydraulic Pressure Inlet Port P1:

Hydraulic Return Port T:

Hyd. Pressure Gauge Port P2 - Hydraulic Changeover:

Hyd. Pressure Gauge Port P2 - Electric Changeover:

Grease Outlet:

9/16" JIC Male

3/4" JIC Male

7/16" UNO Female

7/16" JIC Male

9/16" JIC Male

Electric Changeover Connections

Operating Voltage:


Powered Electrical Connection Type:

Programmed Pulse Timer Cycle Rate:



DIN 43650 Hirschmann Plug

1 cycle / 2 seconds (Variable)

Bushranger Series II
Testing & Services
Testing & Services

Testing & Services

All grease pumps (whether service-exchanged, new or repaired) are fully tested & warranted. With our fully automated grease pump test equipment, Bard ensures that all grease pumps are stringently tested. Our testing includes simulating the elevated working temperatures experienced on mining equipment, complete data logging & tracking, detailed test & QA reports.


As the manufacturer, Bard is the most qualified & trusted repairer of your Bushranger Grease Pumps as only original parts are fitted &/or replaced ensuring pump integrity & service life longevity. With our expertise with grease pumps & systems we also repair & refurbish most all makes & brands of grease pumps that are available on the market. We provide the same attention & care to other makes as our Bushranger Grease Pumps.

Grease Pump Spare Parts

Grease Pump Spare Parts

Contact your nearby branch today for all spare parts & repair kits for our Bushranger Grease Pumps, & other Grease Pump brands. 

Grease Pump Spare Parts
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