Bard Engineering Group

Service Truck Modules

We offer a comprehensive range of service module options for all makes and brands of rigid on and off road and articulated vehicles.

Whether on or off road, heavy or light, we also design and produce client-specific service modules for all makes of vehicles.

We design and install your specific module using products of the highest quality and durability for your operational piece of mind. Our service module designs provide ease of accessibility with open plan installations, offering greater maintenance access. Safety is top priority in our designs, and all Bard service modules are certified for stability and centre of gravity, to ensure correct integration with each prime mover.

Equipment Service Centres

We have a wide range of equipment service centres available. There are existing designs to suit Komatsu, Caterpillar and Hitachi machines, including trucks, excavators, dozers and graders. Tailor-made stations can also be manufactured to your specifications.

Contact us to discuss how Bard can deliver the right solution for your business.