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Water Truck Modules

We offer a wide range of water truck modules for most makes of rigid frame and articulated prime movers.

Our water tanks are fully manufactured in-house to Australian standards and fitted with MEGA water spray systems. Tank capacity ranges from 19,000 litres to 196,000 litres.

Bard is the licensed manufacturer and authorised dealer for the MEGA watercarts and products in Australia.  The MEGA Digital Spray Control System (DiSCS) uses the latest technology for precise water spraying for dust suppression on surface applications. The DiSCS system is designed for both manual and GPS options offering the best solution for the application.

DiSCS uses CAN Bus* technology to operate the spray control system controlling the water pump, water spray, and water valving actuation. The DiSCS GPS sensor automatically regulates the amount of water spray applied relative to vehicle ground speed or distance travelled. The system promotes both water conservation and operator safety.

We manufacture both the MEGA designed water tanks and our own in-house water tank designs. Our quality water tank modules are installed with The MEGA spray systems. The DiSCS system, combined with the heavy-duty MEGA water pump and hydraulically actuated spray heads and cannon, provides you with the best water truck module available today.

Our water truck modules offer:

  • Simple and rugged construction
  • Operator friendly design
  • Adjustable switch pad brightness
  • In-cab water level indicating system
  • Total system pause function
  • Low level water automatic pump switch off.

To learn more, view our MEGA DiSCS Spray System guide.

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