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Hydraulic & Transmission Connectors - Standard Series 

Flomax Standard Series Hydraulic & Transmission connectors are fully compatible & interchangeable with industry standard connectors. The caps, plugs, & connectors are 100% metal, manufactured using aircraft grade anodized aluminum & stainless steel. 

Hydraulic & Transmission Series

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Standard Connector - Hydraulic
Hydraulic Connectors

Standard Connector

- Hydraulic 

Flomax Hydraulic Nozzle & Receiver is one of the most used nozzle & receiver in the industries due to their easy & metal construction making them clog resistant. 



Standard Connector - Transmisson

Standard Connector

- Transmission 

The colour coded & labeled mating components provide for quick & positive identification, all the metal construction ensures for a reliable performance.


These receivers & nozzles fit all industry standard connectors. 



Transmission Connectors
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